Service Rates

  • Onsite Service/Repair

Compu911 delivers most computer solutions onsite. There is no hassle of disconnecting cables and hauling your computer to a computer store.

  • Free Pickup/Delivery

In the event the computer needs to be taken offsite, Compu911 will not charge for pickup or delivery. Compu911 will also make sure your computer is hooked up and configured properly before ever leaving the jobsite.

  • Virus/Spyware Removal

With over 8 years experience, Compu911 has seen just about everything. Compu911 shows no fear and no mercy when it comes to dealing with malicious infectious software.

  • Hardware/Software Upgrade and Repair

Compu911 is very experienced in accurate diagnostics of computer problems. You can trust that Compu911 will deliver only the solutions that you need.

  • Computer Networking

Having computers that communicate with each other has now become a necessity. Compu911 understands this and whether for your home or business, you can be assured that you are getting the maximum productivity out of your computer systems. For either your home or business, Compu911 can network multiple computer systems to take advantage of your high speed internet connection or configure your systems to share printers and files.

  • Network Security

Compu911 knows what it takes to make systems secure. You can sleep easily knowing you critical data is protected from intruders. Compu911 offers extensive penetration testing and security audits to insure maximum protection for your network.

  • Computer Training

The world of computers can sometimes be a frustrating and confusing place. With Compu911's onsite computer training, you'll receive personalized computer training for your individual needs. Compu911 will be patient and use everyday language to empower you with the skills you need for productivity.

  • Custom Computer Builds

Your computer should be designed around the purpose it was intended for. Often big computer retailers sell large computer packages with components and software you will never use. Compu911 will design your computer based on what it will be used for. You only pay for hardware and software that you will use.

  • Certified Technicians

You can be assured that only the most educated technicians will be working on your computers. Compu911 has a extensive and thorough procedure when hiring new technicians to insure that only the best will be providing solutions for you!